We create websites for resellers

For the sellers ready to expand their brand and build their own audience: we got you. From email marketing to Instagram shopping to hundreds of features you never knew you needed, owning your own online store provides the freedom to build something as big as your dreams.

Simple Websites | $99

Our simple websites are the easiest and most affordable way to enter the market with your own website and domain. We utilize Shopify to build out a lightweight online storefront for you to sell your treasures.

A simple website always looks like this, but it includes a few customizations, including:
  • Your logo
  • A tagline
  • Categories (as seen on the sidebar)
  • Social media links
  • Your return policy
  • Newsletter signup
  • Domain name (which you'll purchase separately, approx $12/annually)

Once we have completed the site, we transfer ownership to you with next steps on how to list new products, ship orders, and navigate your dashboard.

Get Your Simple Website 


What if I want a custom website?

Currently, we are only offering these templated websites due to time constraints with our own business. Please feel free to reach out below for something custom and we can assess our capacity and your needs and go from there!

How do I list new products once I have my website?

Listing a new product is just as easy with Shopify as it is on platforms you may already be familiar with. If it’s helpful to compare, think simpler than eBay and more involved than Poshmark. Upon completing your site, we’ll send over an overview of how to list new products.

How do I ship my sales?

Shopify has a built-in app store where you can find extensions that help you run your business faster and better. We recommend the free app “Shippo” to ship your products. It automatically syncs your sales and, after weighing the item, it will show you the best rate for shipping. A learning curve if you’ve never shipped before but overall pretty simple!

After you make my site, what fees are involved?

Shopify has a $29 monthly store fee with $0.50 + 2.9% fees on each transaction.

Securing your own domain name typically costs around $12/annually, which we will show you how to set up as well (it’s easy!).

Can I edit my own site?

Absolutely! You will own your site and have full access to it to upgrade themes, add content, and do anything else you’d like with your site!

Do you only build sites for resellers?

Our service is not just limited to resellers. We will happily build a site for any business selling products! This would be a great avenue for someone selling handmade goods, art, or developing a product line.

More questions? Drop us a line!